Are your exports to the EU in freefall?

Are new Brexit regulations and costs ruining your business?

Can’t compete against your EU rivals, or the deep pockets of British big business and multinationals?

The importance of the customs union and single market has now become abundantly clear, in particular to small businesses exporting to the EU. Out of it, there’s no way to compete, and how do you get in unless you’re a major player or multinational?

If you’re an SME looking to get back in business in the EU, to expand and grow, we’ve got you covered! Don’t lay off your staff yet! At euify we have a complete range of EU business solutions to get you back on track. euify your business now!

& iOSS

  • EU VAT Registration

  • iOSS Registration

  • EORI Registration


  • Quarterly VAT Returns


       (postponed import VAT)

  • Fiscal Representation:
    (Dutch fiscal representative to apply for VAT deferment for UK companies)

  • Triangulation Supply

  • Customs administration: Export licences, Tariff Classifications, TARIC, 
    Certificates of Origin


  • Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) & Delivered at Place (DAP) solutions

EU Office Solutions
  • Your EU office in The Netherlands: head office, branch, subsidiary or independent company 

  • Bespoke EU company formation packages

  • Bookkeeping, accounting, VAT and annual returns

  • Virtual office at sector-specific locations: Amsterdam

       The Hague


  • Mail scanning, forwarding and translation

  • Local Dutch phone number, call answering and routing service

  • Flexible offices, co-working spaces and meeting rooms

eCommerce in the EU
  • Web-store software fulfilment Integration

  • Registration & renewals of exclusive .eu domains

  • EU-wide domain name registrations; .de, .fr, .nl etc.

  • Speak their language: translation and localisation services in all EU languages (websites, SEO, marketing etc.)

  • Multilingual website design and maintenance

  • Localised social media setup and output

  • GDPR Compliance / Data Protection Officer

  • Set up local payment providers, cheaper alternatives to Paypal     


EU Fulfilment Solutions
  • Netherlands: gateway to Europe – major EU fulfilment hub

  • Rotterdam: biggest port in the EU, connected by road, rail, air and inland waterways

  • Reduce red-tape, tax and duties with bulk shipments

  • Save on warehousing and fulfilment costs! Low-cost warehouses, close to fulfilment partners

  • Drip-drop: our warehouses auto drip-feed our partner fulfilment centres

  • Cost-efficient logistics rates for your European customers

  • Competitive shipping rates from China




Established in 2009 by British entrepreneurs, Euify is an EU trade and management consultancy based in The Hague, the administrative and royal capital of the Netherlands and the headquarters of major international organisations and European institutions.


Euify is a one-stop-shop for third-country SMEs exporting to the EU, providing a complete range of EU trade, tax and business administration solutions: EU VAT & iOSS registration, fiscal representation, EU import VAT deferment, Netherlands company formation (Dutch BV): head office, branch, subsidiary or independent entity, eCommerce, language services: multilingual website translation and SEO (all EU languages & Chinese), drop-shipping, warehousing, and UK/EU/China shipping and logistics.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the ability to trade freely in goods and services in the EU should be available to all British businesses, including SMEs. It should not be the exclusive right of multinationals and big business. Our goal is to support British SMEs every step of the way so they can take full advantage of the single market and customs union, not only to ensure business continuity, but to grow and develop their businesses in the largest trading block in the world, right on their doorstep. 

At euify we’re with you all the way!