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EU Fulfilment

Do you have a Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, Amazon, Ebay, Magento or WooCommerce store in the UK? Do you have EU customers? Are custom declarations, delays and extra costs making your business uncompetitive… or even unviable? Do you want to add another shipping location to your enterprise, with better EU shipping rates?

Thousands of UK business that freely sold their goods within the single market have suddenly become uncompetitive due to Brexit. Selling your goods into the EU has now become a lot more expensive for you and ultimately your customers.

We offer the following state-of-the-art services:
•    Highly personalised fulfilment service;
•    Branded & eco-friendly packaging options;
•    Shipping of products directly to our Dutch warehouses from anywhere in the world;
•    Ultra-competitive shipping rates: from China and the UK to all EU/EFTA destinations;

•    Ultra-competitive warehousing with drip-drop shipping.

Gateway to Europe – Central Hub for EU Fulfilment

Are you ready to storm the European market? The Netherlands is the logistical centre of Europe, with two of the largest ports on the continent: Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Rotterdam is by far the biggest in the EU (double its nearest rival). With excellent logistical infrastructure, you’re optimally placed for fast, cost-effective delivery to your EU customers.


Seamless integration with EU eCommerce stores

Our eCommerce integration solutions seamlessly integrate with all the major webshop systems such as Shopify, Amazon, Wix, Magento, WooCommerce etc. enabling you to use your preferred outlets for EU sales.

Slash red tape, taxes and duties with bulk EU shipments

Our warehouses and fulfilment centres enable bulk shipping, slashing red tape, taxes and duties and saving you money when shipping your products from the UK to the EU.

Whether you're shipping to the EU from the UK or China, we’re here to make it plain sailing!


Prevent double duties with direct shipping to the EU

Shipping your products manufactured outside the UK directly to our EU warehouses prevents double duties, saving you time, money and hassle, and giving you a competitive edge.

Low cost warehousing, close to EU fulfilment partners

Our low-cost secure warehousing is a much cheaper solution than storing your products in a fulfilment house. This gives you a competitive edge, keeping your inventory storage space low and your fees to a minimum. We continually resupply our fulfilment centres, so you’re never out of stock!


EU product Returns

We can handle product returns on the ground, saving return shipping costs and helping to resolve any issues on DOA goods.  


Experienced and established EU fulfilment partners


Every fulfilment house is different in terms of location, rates, costs, logistical infrastructure, store integrations, labour costs, support etc. By understanding your business, we can select the best and most efficient partner for you, so you can concentrate on sales!

Auto drip-feeding of partner fulfilment centres from our warehouses

Euify specialises in reducing customer costs, ensuring the continual feeding of your products into our partner fulfilment centres. By storing your goods in our warehouses before drip feeding them to our partner fulfilment centres for sale, we slash the costs of EU fulfilment whilst ensuring optimal delivery. We manage it all: the only difference you notice is reduced costs!

Competitive delivery rates with the biggest carriers in the EU


We get the best courier rates from our courier partners. As you’d expect with seamless system integration, you get full track-and-trace codes with all the big carriers: DPD, TNT, DHL, GLS, UPS, PostNL etc. and with multiple options in terms of speed and costs.

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