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The biggest and most essential factor in business is trust to deliver the goods and services you promise. Unfortunately, brand 'UK' is damaged goods, especially for those companies in competitive markets. Operating from within the EU with an established EU company, you'll give your customers the confidence to deliver on your contracts while being compliant with legal accountablily. 


EU Company Incorporation (Dutch B.V.)   

At EUify we have a wealth of experience in successfully incorporating Dutch BVs with foreign ownership.


Whether you want an EU company purely for compliance purposes or for full trading (with an EU VAT ID, EU EORI number and a Dutch bank account), we have the solution for you! 

EU Office Solutions

At EUify we offer upscalable EU office solutions that grow with your business: virtual office, flex office or dedicated premises at a prestigious location.


Banking Services

Local multi-currency banking services are key to the effective functioning of any international company but impossible to obtain without real presence. At EUify we are able to secure local Dutch banking services for your company, with low-cost or free online SEPA transactions.  

EU VAT Number​

Your EU Company VAT ID will give access to the full range of EU VAT Simplifications: Reverse charge VAT, Triangular Trade, Call-off Stock, IOSS, OSS & Import VAT deferment without the need for a VAT intermediary or fiscal representative! 


EU EORI Number

If you’re moving goods between the UK and EU or vice-versa, you are required to register for an EORI (Economic Operator Registration Identification) number. 

With an EU EORI number, you can be the importer of record, whilst having access to EU 3PL supply services. 

Full Market Surveillance Compliance

New (July 2021) EU-wide Market Surveillance Regulations have been introduced to protect EU consumers from potentially dangerous or harmful products entering the EU and to ensure fair competition for EU members. 

For compliance, companies are required to have an economic operator established in the EU, who is legally responsible for product regulations & conformity. 

With your established Dutch company, you'll be fully compliant, without the need for expensive service providers. 


VAT Services

Knowing your VAT obligations and compliance within The Netherlands and the EU is a headache for most companies. We offer a range of fiscal solutions, from bookkeeping to VAT IOSS, OSS and annual returns, leaving you free to concentrate on developing your business.

Importer of Record

As EU Importer of Record with your own EU entity, you will enjoy fast customs clearance of your imported goods to the EU and deferred import VAT, so you can meet your client deadlines and save your cashflow. 




Established by British entrepreneurs, EUify is an EU trade and management consultancy based in The Hague, focusing on a wide range of business and fiscal solutions to get your business trading successfully in the EU again; From setting up your company and administration to Fiscal Representation, EU VAT, IOSS, OSS, fulfilment, registrations and compliance, we have the experience and the optimal trading solutions for you.


With EUify we can get you trading competitively in the EU again, boosting your profits within the world's largest single market. Our pricing is transparent and most importantly, you can pick up the phone and talk to a human when you have questions or need support!

Don't let your competitors take over, EUify your business today!

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