EUify Consultancy & Operational Support
Finding the optimal EU legal structure and trading solution for your business is only a small part of our consultancy services. Once you have access to the EU market again, you will want to maximise the potential. We provide consultancy on all the elements you require to massively boost your EU presence and sales.

EUify consultancy services can be broadly put into two categories: management consultancy and trade consultancy. Our management consultancy services include all the aspects relevant to running a fully-compliant and efficient EU company. Our EU trade consultancy services are those services that are specifically geared to optimising the EU market access you now enjoy with EUify. 

Lastly EUify operational support is there to take care of the practical aspects of running a business from the EU and ensuring that it is as cost-effective and efficient as possible. 

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EU Management Consultancy

  • Accountancy Solutions

  • EU VAT Compliance

  • Legal Services

  • EU Business Support

  • Market Surveillance Compliance

  • FBO Compliance

  • GDPR Compliance

  • Recruitment & Procurement

  • eCommerce & IT

  • Specialist Fulfilment Solutions

  • Digital platform - Amazon pan-EU package: VAT Registration and Returns in Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

EU Trade


  • Optimal trading structure for your business

  • Cost-efficient routes into Europe for your products

  • Market acquisition, expansion and growth strategies

  • Marketing localisation: translation of marketing materials, product specifications, website, SEO, correspondence in all EU languages

  • Product design, tooling, manufacture and shipping from Asia



  • VAT Returns, EC Sales and Intrastat reporting

  • Importing goods via Article 23 VAT deferment

  • Import/Export & Customs support. 

  • Accountancy setup, support and administration.

  • Business compliance management

  • Website integration and support.

  • Warehousing & Fulfilment

  • AOB


Multilingual Marketing 

It was Willy Brandt, the German statesman 1913–1992, who famously said: "If I'm selling to you, I speak your language; if I'm buying, then you must speak German" ("dann mussen Sie Deutsch sprechen").

The biggest single market in the world is right on your doorstep, but - with the exception of Ireland - English is not their mother tongue. When they are searching for products or services, hundreds of millions of EU consumers don't search in English, but use their native language. So why make your marketing materials and web presence exclusively in English? 

With multilingual marketing and web presence (crucially including SEO), you are now on the radar of consumers in all the countries that speak whichever language you publish in.

The number of native speakers of each of the following EU languages in Europe makes the investment a minute fraction of the potential gains:

  • German: 100 million 

  • French: 66 million 

  • Italian: 65 million

  • Polish: 38.5 million

  • Spanish: 38 million (460 million worldwide!)

  • Dutch: 22 million

In essence: speak your clients' languages to grow your EU market! 

EU Operations Support

With your EU trading solution set up, your administration in order and your marketing optimised, the efficiency of your EU operations is critical. 

  • Product sourcing

  • Shipping

  • Warehousing

  • Fulfilment


EU Fulfilment

Do you have a Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, Amazon, Ebay, Magento or WooCommerce store in the UK? Do you have EU customers? Are custom declarations, delays and extra costs making your business uncompetitive… or even unviable? Do you want to add another shipping location to your enterprise, with better EU shipping rates?

Thousands of UK business that freely sold their goods within the single market have suddenly become uncompetitive due to Brexit. Selling your goods into the EU has now become a lot more expensive for you and ultimately your customers.

At EUify we know that every fulfilment house is different in terms of location, rates, costs, logistical infrastructure, store integrations, labour costs, support etc. By understanding your business, we can select the best and most efficient partner for you, so you can concentrate on sales!

We offer the following state-of-the-art services:
•    Highly personalised fulfilment service;
•    Branded & eco-friendly packaging options;
•    Shipping of products directly to our Dutch warehouses from anywhere in the world;
•    Ultra-competitive shipping rates: from Asia and the UK to all EU/EFTA destinations;

•    Ultra-competitive warehousing with drip-drop shipping.


Setting up your EU eCommerce

We can help you set up your eCommerce platform for IOSS and OSS reporting, multilingual and localised payments gateways to increase your sales while giving your customers the best possible shopping experience. 

Gateway to Europe – Central Hub for EU Fulfilment

Are you ready to storm the European market? The Netherlands is the logistical centre of Europe, with two of the largest ports on the continent: Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Rotterdam is by far the biggest in the EU (double its nearest rival). With excellent logistical infrastructure, you’re optimally placed for fast, cost-effective delivery to your EU customers.


Dutch Accounting and Banking integration

We can set up your accounting software with your bank, accountants and the Dutch Tax authorities, so you have complete and seamless control of your administration.


Prevent double duties with direct shipping to the EU

Shipping your products manufactured outside the UK directly to our EU warehouses prevents double duties, saving you time, money and hassle, and giving you a competitive edge.

Competitive delivery rates with the biggest carriers in the EU

We get the best courier rates from our courier partners. As you’d expect with seamless system integration, you get full track-and-trace codes with all the big carriers: DPD, TNT, DHL, GLS, UPS, PostNL etc. and with multiple options in terms of speed and costs.

Low cost warehousing, close to EU fulfilment partners

EUify specialises in reducing customer costs. Our low-cost secure warehousing is a much cheaper solution than storing your products in a fulfilment house. By storing your goods in our warehouses before drip feeding them to our partner fulfilment centres for sale, we slash the costs of EU fulfilment whilst ensuring optimal delivery. We manage it all: the only difference you notice is reduced costs!

This gives you a competitive edge, keeping your inventory storage space low and your fees to a minimum. We continually resupply our fulfilment centres, ensuring the continual feeding of your products into our partner fulfilment centres, so you’re never out of stock!